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Mumbai, the city of dreams is famous throughout the world due to Bollywood stars and millionaires residing here. The city of Mumbai has a heart of its own and offers an excellent combination of the local Marathi culture along with western. On one side you have the busy lanes of Elphinstone Road, Borivali, and Malad and on the other side, you have hill stations like Khandala, Lonavala and others that offer peace and relaxation.

The city of Mumbai has something for everyone, if you are planning to come to Mumbai then it is recommended to book tickets in advance as they might get costly later.

If you are coming to Mumbai for a family trip or with friends for the first time, make sure to calculate the travelling cost. Although, Mumbai does have a local train system that can help you get from one part of the city to another. However, if there is a child or an elderly member with you then it can be a bit difficult. This is where booking a cab or taxi can help you remove the issue of facing huge crowds in the local trains.

There are a number of cab service providers in the city, if you are looking for one that provides faster service then connect with the QuickCab Service. With a large fleet of cars suiting every need of each individual and highly experienced drivers, QuickCab has become a reputed name.

    • Marine Drive

One of the most popular road in Mumbai is the Marine Drive road that stretches over 3-Kilometres with Girgaum Chowpatty at the north side. The best feature is the seaside promenade where you can find people of all ages enjoying the cool breeze. Owing to its string of sparkling lights, Marine Drive is also known as the Queen’s Necklace. If you are looking to get a bird-eye view of Marine Drive, visit the Dome Bar at the Intercontinental Hotel. We will help you reach Marine Drive without wasting a second with our QuickCab service.

    • Shivaji Park

This was built in1925 by the British and named in the honour of the 17th century warrior king of Maharashtra, Chhatrapati Shivaji. You can find a bronze statue of him riding his horse on the north side of the park. The park also played a pivotal role in the struggle for the formation of Maharashtra post-independence. If you are coming to Mumbai during weekends, you can find people of all ages play sports, exercise or simply relax. Count on the QuickCab Services to provide you with the fastest transportation from the Airport to your Hotel and everywhere, else when in Mumbai.

    • Juhu Beach

If you came to Mumbai and didn’t visit the famous Juhu beach then your trip is incomplete. The Juhu beach can be seen always in a carnival-like mood with variety of shopping and local snack stalls serving the best in pure Indian style. Located near to the famous Prithvi Theatre, this is one of the top beaches to visit in Mumbai and relax. Pick up the phone and book a QuickCab to visit this hotspot during your visit in Mumbai.

    • Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is the only protected forest located within Mumbai city. It offers a number of things including trekking, a toy train, boating on the lake along with a tiger and lion sanctuary. The best feature of this place is the 109 Kanheri Buddhist Caves in different sizes and located over a hilltop. These have been carved out of volcanic rock with the largest being a deep chamber for worship and gigantic sculptures of Buddha. You can save precious time while reaching this amazing place by booking a QuickCab for your family.

    • Bandra Bandstand

Bandstand got its name from the old days when bands used to provide entertainment by playing outdoors. This has an amphitheatre set high on a hill along with the remains of a Portuguese fort built in 1640. The Bandra Bandstand is popularly known as a lover’s point as one can notice young couples sitting near the rocky areas. If you are a Bollywood fan then you can see the huge mansion named Mannat, which belongs to Hindi movie superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Who knows? You might even get to meet him. Let our expert drivers get you there in no time with quick cab service.

If you want a transportation service that is quick and reliable, we recommend that you call QuickCab.

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