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The Mumbai Nashik Taxi Service provided by Quick Cab takes you to Nashik, it is located in the north-west of Maharashtra. A city that gives you a feel, which is exactly opposite of Mumbai. Nashik is an ancient city of India. Maharashtra the state has got many important cities, that are famous for various reasons. Nashik is the fourth largest city of Maharashtra after Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur. Unlike Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur; Nashik is not a crowded city. Life in Nashik is different than the other major cities of the state, not so mechanical and methodical. Nashik is a place of spirituality. It is called the ‘spiritual capital of Maharashtra’. It is also called the ‘Wine capital of India’. Out of 78 wineries of India 45 are located in Nashik. This city has got its place in Indian mythology, History and it played an important role in Indian independence movement. Nashik has got many references in Hindu puranas. The abode of Sai baba Shirdi, also comes under Nashik. It is one of the four places where that hosts the Famous Kumbhmela, that happens after every 12 years. The distance between Mumbai and Nashik is 167kms. The Mumbai Nashik expressway connects Mumbai to Nashik. There are major railway stations in Nashik. Nashik Road, Manmad are a few to name. Nashik has got its major airport in Ozar, it is a domestic airport but well connected to other cities of India. But booking a ticket for a bus or train is not that simple. Since Mumbai’s population is huge, the tickets always get sold out in not time. Same goes with bus services. In Mumbai all kind of transportations are always full. Hence you need to approach Quick cab’s Mumbai to Nashik Cab Service. We offer you a cheaper car ride from Mumbai to Nashik. In our country one can’t expect public vehicles to be on time. They will always get late. Plus, their will always be a gap between the proposed and actual duration of the journey. To avoid these unavoidable circumstances, you can say bye to public transport and opt for Mumbai to Nashik Taxi Service. We are your one stop solution. We provide professional service.


Nashik, is one of the holiest places for Hindu devotees you must experience the divine place with easy and comfortable ride of Mumbai to Nashik Taxi Service. The place was called ‘Trikantak’ in Kritayuga and ‘Janasthana’ in Dwaparayuga. Nashik did hold an important place in Ramayana (related to Hindu purana). It was called Panchavati in those days. Ram his brother Laxman and his beloved wife Sita, all of them used to stay there during the period of their their exile of 14 years. Surpanakha the sister of the infamous demon king Raavan once tries to seduce Ram. Then angry Ram ordered his brother Laxman to chop off her nose. Laxman executed his brother’s order. According to some people that’s why the place is called Nashik. How’ve, some people have an opinion and according to them the name came from Nava-Shik which means nine summits. Nashik was an important place for many rulers and was a part of all the famous dynasties of India. It was controlled by Ashoka during Maurya Period. Then came Stavahana, Abhira, Trikutaka, Kalachuris, Chalukya, Rashtrakuta, Yadavas, Mughal, Maratha, Peshwa and British. During the Mughal period the place was named Gulshanabaad but it was rejected by the local people. The name Nashik was established during Peshwa’s ruling. There are many places to visit near Nashik. Saptashrungi is a famous shankti peeth among the 51 shaktipeeths of Hindu religion. Shirdi became famous being the permanent resident of Sai baba. There are Kalaram Temple, Sita Gufa, Ram Kunda etc. Sita gufa is the place where the demon king Raavan is believed to abduct Sita to avenge his sister’s humiliation. Nashik has got many beautiful landscapes Dudhsagar Falls, Durgawadi Watre Fall, Anjaneri Hills,Gangadwar Hills, Bhandardara etc. Bhamhagiri a hill which is located in Trimbakeshwar is believed to be the origin of Godavari river. Nashik the city lies in the bank of Godavari river. The river is called the Ganga of south. All these rivers and places are famous among Hindu devotees. Trimbakeshwar is another holy place for Hindu’s. It belongs to the one of the famous 12 jyotirlinga’s. Nashik does have a bird sanctuary named nandur Madhmeshwar bird sanctuary, it is a residence of many foreign birds. Sula vineyard is the biggest vineyard of Nashik and it is a big tourist attraction. Our Quick cab Mumbai Nashik Cab Service can take you to all beautiful these places.


Our quick cab team provides Mumbai Nashik Cab Service, on best economical rate. The Mumbai Nashik expressway is something to experience and we have the best trained drivers for you. We have a wide range of cabs; A.C, non-A.C, luxury etc. The fare varies with the type of cars. Our service starts with an initial charge and then it depends on your destination place in Nashik. We provide basic facilities like water, coffee table books on all of our cabs for free. You have the liberty to take break during the journey and have some food of your choice in highway. The Mumbai Nashik Car rental service covers the entire Nashik city. There be it a home journey or a religious one we can drive to anywhere in Nashik. In case of advance booking you need to book a car at least before 2 days of your journey. The fare will get fixed at the time of booking and we will let you know at the very beginning. You just need to dial 022 6836 3322 and we will let you know about all the details. Online booking is also possible if you download our App on your mobile, in this way you can avail many offers which will not be there when you book a cab over phone. For any difficulties dial our Mumbai to Nashik Cab Service helpline number 022 6836 3322


The best things about us are; we are punctual, all of our cars are in fine and well-maintained state, our drivers are gentle and understanding. We have a good record of customer’s feedback. Still, we thrive for improvement and therefore invite your valuable opinion.

Overall a great service experience compared to other taxi service providers. My travel from Mumbai to Pune with Quick Cabs Services was hassle free.

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