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The Mumbai Shirdi Taxi Service offers you a trip to Shirdi. Shirdi, the Holi place, a place far away from the maddening crowd of Mumbai. If it is not your hometown, it will be a trip to take you back to the roots; from a cruel, cynical, stressful life which is full of highs and lows, uncertainty and anxiety. Taxi from Mumbai to Shirdi Service provides cars on rent (along with drivers), that travel from Mumbai to Shirdi Cab. The travel time is approximately 4.5 hours.

Serene is beautiful word, one can find it in a dictionary. But it’s hard to find a person who portrays serenity in our day to day life, especially in metro cities. Lives in big cities are full of struggles. We struggle to earn money, we struggle to save family time, to get in a bus or train, to maintain a certain living standard, basically we struggle to live. We adjust ourselves with extremely opposite views of people from different communities. Being serene seems something next to impossible here. Everyone surrounding us wants something from us, be it a family person, an office person, a neighbor, a stranger and above all there are self-expectations. We keep fighting with all these demands on the basis of priority. Then, if we survive in this battle and don’t die in between, a hidden desire gradually starts to possess us, what if I could be or do something which the inner me wished for myself? And then it seems like everything is lost. As if life has no meaning at all. At some point of time, everyone feels like there is no meaning of life. Well, it’s not that bad though. If that happens to you ever, it means you need a vacation. You need to get lost in some place, where you never have been, at least not frequently. The trip or vacation doesn’t have to be a costly affair, it can be a trip to a simple small village. However, the fight with yourself won’t stop, but the temporary distraction of vacation or trip will rejuvenate you. It’s necessary and not a luxury. Shirdi, the name hits your mind with an image of Sai Baba with it. Shirdi is a place of the venerated and hugely adored sage Sai Baba. ‘I look on all with equal eye’ that’s what he used to say. It’s a beautiful place to heal yourself, a place where a tormented psyche can take refuge to. The distance between Mumbai and Shirdi is 258 kilometers. But, we would say it’s actually a phone call away. You dial Mumbai to Shirdi Cab Service number to book a cab for Shirdi, we arrange it for you at a reasonable rate. It’s that simple.


Mumbai Shirdi Cab Service is based on Mumbai. Mumbai is a place where people make their fortune on various fields. Time is very important here. Therefore, transportation plays an important role in its day to day life. We bring cabs to you on most economic rates. Taxi from Mumbai to Shirdi Service is available for 24×7 throughout the year. Once you contact us through phone, we note down your requirements and provide you the best solution. We have a good range of cars so that it can fit to your budget and other requirements. You can experience both a luxurious trip as well as a decent trip with us. Our drivers know all the roads, those come between Mumbai and Shirdi. And they are well aware of all the eateries and food joints that come along the way. If it’s an overnight journey feel free to ask him for a halt and he may guide you to a nice affordable food joint. Advance booking of cab is also possible with Mumbai to Shirdi cab rental service. The only thing to be remembered is that, if you cancel it later, you may have to pay a certain amount of money to us. For online booking, you can download our App from internet. The App is very simple and self-describing. However, if you find any difficulty, you may dial our number, we will guide you. For online booking, payment can be done online via any third party wallet or you can make direct payment to our driver. We will let you know about the fare in the beginning. And you are not supposed to pay any extra amount to our driver as a tip. He is well paid. For our online customers, we added the online booking option in our App. If you wish to book a cab online from Mumbai To Shirdi Cab Service in advance, you will have to pay a certain amount of money online. Your request to book a cab for Shirdi will only get done after you make the payment. Customers always prefer the online booking option to avail various offers.


Sai baba (that’s the only name of him we all know), came to Shirdi as a blessing of almighty, in the late eighteen centuries. According to all the available accounts of that time, he was a teenager then, barely sixteen years old. He started to practice strong penance under a neem tree. He seemed absolutely indifferent to all earthly pleasures and used to leave a life of celibacy. No one never heard of his family or relatives, he never talked about them and maintained a silence on the same. Initially he was known as a fakir with no name attached to him. Sai the name was once pronounced by one of his devotee named Bhagata Mhalsapati. Since then people started to call him Sai baba. He seemed unnerved with all kind of sensations like fear, grief, joy, pain. He remained unmoved in lightening, thunderstorm and all kind of calamities. Naturally people started to feel and like the charismatic presence of him. But that is not the reason why they loved and worshipped him. He was famous for his kind nature and charitable doings. No, he had no money to donate others but he had something different. He had empathy for all, even for animals. He used to heal all wounded animals and people. Be it a physical injury or a mental one. Sai baba was like a magic for people in trouble. The very special thing about him was that he always advocated for unity amid diversity. He asked his devotees to believe in one GOD and tried to unite people from different caste, religion and community. As per the folklore, Sai baba once healed an injured tiger and helped it to return safely to jungle. He was a person in need be it an accident or scarcity or any crisis. Even in twenty first centuries, a huge number of people from all over the world come to visit his resting place, to pay him respect. He finally ended his earthly journey of sixty long years (from the day he first he came to Shirdi), on 1918. During this time period he served people tirelessly. Shri Sai baba Sansthan Trust celebrates his death anniversary on every year on a particular day of October. It is considered to be one of the biggest festivals of Shirdi along with Dussera, Guru Purnima and Ramnavami. Our Mumbai Shirdi Taxi Service comes with special offers on these festive seasons. And we also increase the availability of cars as the demand gets higher on festive seasons.

Other important places are the ‘Temple in Shirdi‘ are Sai Heritage Village, Khandova temple, Dwarkamayi, Chevadi. Khandova temple is where his devotee Mhasalpati first welcomed him. Dwarkamayi is the place where Sai baba used to reside. Some of his few belongings like a grinding stone, the stone where he used to seat are still there. Chevadi is the place where he used to sleep. All of these places are very popular among his devotees.

There are many other places to visit near Shirdi. Trambakeshwar, another holy place is 150km away from Shirdi, Shanishingnapur is 75km from Shirdi. Kalaram Temple, that represents Peshwa dynasty is around 89 km away. Our Taxi from Mumbai to Shirdi Service takes you to all these places at comparatively cheaper rates.


The Mumbai Shirdi Cab Service is very particular about time. Our cabs always arrive on time and take you to your destination on time. We provide a.c non a.c cars, as per your budget and requirements. Mumbai to Shirdi car hire drivers are skilled and professionals. To avoid any unpleasant situation, we make sure that our drivers are from good backgrounds. While hiring a driver, we select only those who are very much familiar with Shirdi and its neighborhoods. We try to give you our best service and invite your valuable feedback to improve ourselves.

Overall a great service experience compared to other taxi service providers. My travel from Mumbai to Pune with Quick Cabs Services was hassle free.

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Only reason for my review is the service they offer. I really feel they gonna go a long way if they continue to offers such great service in India. Cheers mate

Navin Jagtap

I found the drivers to be very polite and professional. I felt very safe in my  journey from Mumbai to Pune while going back home alone.

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