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Mumbai Surat Cab service takes you to the diamond city of India Surat. Located on the banks of Tapti river Surat is famous for diamond cutting and polishing. Surat is also a home for country’s major textile manufacturing company industries. It served as an important port in Mughal and Portuguese era. Both Mughals and Portuguese used Surat as an important port to export many precious things like spice, jewelry etc. Even in recent times silk, cotton, brocade, silver objects, muslin and many other types of products are being produced here. Since both of the city Mumbai and Surat are prominent business hubs, transportation system between the two needs to be in very good shape. Trains and public buses run between the two cities but they are not available on all times. There are some schedule trains which travel between the two cities at particular time of a day and bus services are also available on particular time of a day since they can’t travel as per individual customer’s convenience. But it is business you may need to travel on anytime of a day for some urgent matter. Therefore, Mumbai to Surat taxi is your best option since they run a 24×7 based taxi service at most competitive rates.


Apart from being an important port there are many places in Surat that attracts tourists from various parts of the country. Dial 730-333-8800 to discover diamond city of India with Mumbai to Surat taxi.

  • Sarthana national Park: Sarthana national park is within 7.7km distance from Surat railways station. This park houses several species of wild animals. From birds to tigers to different type of beautiful plants, Sarthana park is a place that attracts travelers of all ages.
  • Diamond market of Surat:Around 92% of world’s diamonds are polished and cut here in diamond capital of world. There are a large number of diamond stores are here in Varachha road. And for a diamond purchase you will brokers office in minibazar and mahidhapura. To visit this diamond market of diamond city all you need to do is to call Mumbai to Surat taxi.
  • Textile market:Sahara Darwaja is Gujrat’s textile market. You can find a lot of wholesaler saree shops and saree manufacturers here. Mumbai to Surat taxi service drop you to this place within 5 hours.
  • City science center and science museum:This place is excellent for children. Various films are shown by City Science and science museum authority on topics like Gujrat’s old history, solar systems, diamonds etc. Let your children have some fun with an easy ride with Mumbai Surat cab service.
  • Chintamani Jain temple: Situated in Variyali bazar of Surat this temple is dated back to 17th century and is decorated with beautiful wooden carvings and paintings.
  • Mughal Sarai:This beautiful monument is also dated back to 17th century when Mughal ruler Shah Jahan used to be emperor of major part of India including Gujrat. Present day this building represents Surat Municipal Corporation’s building. Pick you phone and dial Mumbai to Surat cab service’s number to reach this historical monument.
  • Gopi Talav: It is a well-maintained pond along with a beautiful garden and a bunch of restaurants.
  • Surat castle:Surat castle is one of the oldest historical places of Surat, built on the bank of Tapi river.


Very simple! Dial Quick Cab number 022 6836 3322 from anywhere in Mumbai and let our executives help you. Smart phone users can download our app quickcabapp. The app is very much user friendly and therefore it just a matter of few clicks. You can also opt for an advance booking but for that you must need to book your cab at least two day prior to your journey. We have good range of various types of cars to meet expectations of different types of customers. Just point to be noted here is that the charges will vary with types of cars. To know more about us visit our website www.quickcab.co.in.


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There are several reasons why customers choose us over our competitors

  • Our service charges are lowest in market
  • We provide best quality cars and keep a regular check on their health conditions
  • Inbuilt navigation systems give prior intimidation of traffic logjam and alternate routes
  • Taxi from Mumbai to Surat is available throughout the whole year, we don’t have holidays
  • In-car entertainment system makes your journey easy
  • Our drivers are experienced well aware of all the router and shortcuts of Gujrat

Enjoy your Surat journey with Mumbai to Surat taxi service and let us know your valuable feedback for your improvement.

Overall a great service experience compared to other taxi service providers. My travel from Mumbai to Pune with Quick Cabs Services was hassle free.

Rajesh Thakker

Only reason for my review is the service they offer. I really feel they gonna go a long way if they continue to offers such great service in India. Cheers mate

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I found the drivers to be very polite and professional. I felt very safe in my  journey from Mumbai to Pune while going back home alone.

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